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The products of the Easy Cocktail line are non-alcoholic bases that contain all the ingredients of your favorite cocktail.

With the Easy Cocktail line of Mixer anyone can prepare an excellent cocktail in the shortest possible time in three easy steps:


  1. Combine the ingredients with alcohol or soft drinks
  2. Blend
  3. Serve

It is also an excellent solution for the preparation of non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails with an incomparable taste.

Who is the Easy Cocktail Mixer line for?

* To all those barmen who need to prepare numerous cocktails with maximum speed of execution and to all professionals who need a controlled and guaranteed drink while maintaining a high standard of quality.

* For those who want to prepare their favorite cocktail at home, in simplicity, with a ready-made base to be accompanied only by the reference alcohol. Or even for a “”virgin”” version suitable for all tastes.

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    Cosmopolitan Mix

    Drinking an excellent Cosmopolitan cocktail will no longer be difficult thanks to the Mixer Easy Cocktail products. Mixer Cosmopolitan mix contains 42% North American Cranberry juice which is then expertly blended with lime juice and essential oil of the sweetest Sicilian oranges. Mixer Cosmopolitan is a simple, natural and authentic product, just add vodka to obtain a Cosmopolitan cocktail of the highest quality and balance. Yield Minimum 16 cocktails per bottle

    Discover the Cosmopolitan COCKTAIL BOX

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    Espresso Martini Mix

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    Don't have the base or time to make your own Espresso Martini? If you need to make an Espresso Martini quickly, we have taken care of it, removing all worries. Create your signature coffee flavored drinks with the Espresso Martini Mixer which contains 96% real espresso and ensures you a consistent and persistent coffee aroma, with excellent foam. Since it is pre-mixed and ready to use, the Espresso Martini Mixer helps you reduce workload and preparation time. We recommend keeping it in the fridge once opened. Does not contain dyes. YIELD Minimum 16 cocktails per bottle.
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    Margarita Mix

    To get an authentic Margarita cocktail we have selected only the best Brazilian sun-ripened limes. Mixer Margarita mix contains 24% lime juice with the addition of natural Sicilian lemon juice and sugar to obtain a balanced sweet and sour taste. Orange essence is also added so you can enjoy an excellent Margarita cocktail simply by adding tequila. Yield Minimum 16 cocktails per bottle
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    Mojito Mix

    The new Mixer Mojito mix is ​​a versatile and surprising premix. Versatile because it allows you to prepare a mojito on any occasion and with the least possible effort. Surprising because the taste will be as good as a mojito made according to the textbook. Mixer Mojito mix contains 30% lime juice and lemon juice which is sweetened with real refined cane sugar as the original recipe wants. The aroma is fresh and natural since it comes directly from the natural extract of hierba buena, which is the original mint with a delicate scent that grows in Cuba. Just add the Rum and the mojito is ready !!! Does not contain dyes. YIELD Minimum 16 cocktails per bottle

    Discover the Mojito COCKTAIL BOX

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    Pina Colada Mix

    Mixer imports the best coconuts and the sweetest and ripest pineapples from Latin America to produce this delicious premix. Mixer Pinacolada mix is ​​a concentrated base for the preparation of unforgettable and easy to prepare Pinacolada. Contains 44% concentrated pineapple puree and 11% coconut milk and rapé coconut. The high fruit content makes this product unique in quality and naturalness. Pinacolada mix mixer is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a creamy Pinacolada with an intoxicating tropical flavor. YIELD Minimum 16 cocktails per bottle
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    Sex on the beach Mix

    The delicious blend of orange juice, peach and cranberry create a combination of flavors reminiscent of summer. Mixer Sex On The Beach mix retains the fragrance of the best fruit juices as it is not pasteurized to preserve the naturalness of freshly picked fruits. Containing 43% of juice, just add vodka to enjoy a delicious Sex On The Beach with a full and full-bodied flavor of fresh fruit Yield Minimum 11 cocktails per bottle

    Discover the COCKTAIL BOX of Sex on the Beach

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    Strawberry Daiquiri Mix

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    Amaze everyone by making a perfect Strawberry Daiquiri, with a full and strong taste of freshly picked strawberries. Mixer Strawberry Daiquiri contains all the ingredients needed to make this cocktail, with the exception of rum. You can also decide to make a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri using the shaken product, without adding anything else. The natural ingredients, fresh lemon juice, ripe strawberry puree are artfully blended to speed up your work and allow you to create perfect drinks every time. YIELD Minimum 11 cocktails per bottle
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