PRESS RELEASE – MIXER launches POLPOSITA, for a healthy and eco-friendly mixology

PRESS RELEASE – MIXER launches POLPOSITA, for a healthy and eco-friendly mixology
21 June 2020 Marcello
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Mixer, the well-known Italian company specialising in fruit-based mixology products, launches Polposita, the new range of natural purées dedicated to bartenders and restaurateurs focusing on modern consumers.


Mixer, a leading company in the production of fruit concentrates for mixing, announces the launch on the market of the Polposita range, an innovative product from different points of view. Polposita includes six natural fruit-only purées: Pineapple, Mango, Strawberry, Passion Fruit, Peach and Coconut, which differ from similar products because they are the only ones on the market which contain 100% real fruit without the use of flavourings, preservatives, colourings or even added sugar. A long research and development process has made it possible to obtain these results, studying at the same time the best ways to process the ripe fruit directly and a packaging that was efficient from several points of view. In this way Mixer has managed to obtain the best possible alternative for bartenders and restaurateurs to the use of fresh fruit, allowing its use throughout the year without losing its taste.

All the market research carried out in 2018 and 2019 by companies in the beverage sector and the projections on the 2020 trends in world markets agree in identifying two key points: modern consumers pay great attention to a healthier eating style which also involves the beverage sector through a strong increase in the consumption of low and no-alcohol drinks created starting from natural products; at the same time, the attention to ecology has grown and in many people privilege eco-friendly companies and products and the minimization of waste. Professionals in the sector, restaurant managers and restaurant owners, are therefore responding to this trend through the use of ecologically sustainable work tools and healthier and more natural offers on the menus.

The Polposita range not only represents a healthy and completely natural product, but it is also designed to have a long shelf life. The closed product can be stored for up to 18 months without the need to refrigerate or freeze. Once opened, the duration is seven days in the refrigerator. This is the only product of its kind in 500 gr. format so it eliminates waste and it is always fresh; waste is further reduced by the fact that this format is able to adapt to every squeezer. The use of fresh fruit implies problems due to seasonality and availability, so it is often chilled or frozen, losing part of its organoleptic properties, and leads to considerable waste of raw material. Polposita purées, on the other hand, have a package filled with an innovative method that makes it possible to grant stability to the product without the use of artificial preservatives and keeps the properties of fresh fruit intact. In addition, the lack of added sugar represents, on the one hand, an attention towards the consumer and, on the other hand, towards the professional who has the possibility to freely decide if and how much to sweeten his drink.

Diego Salmi, CEO of Mixer Srl, explains:

“”Our motto is: ‘We add nothing to what was born perfect‘,

in fact, nature creates perfection and our commitment is to preserve such perfection. Fresh fruit has a very short optimal ripening period and it is therefore very difficult to get the maximum taste and aroma from its use. Polposita, on the other hand, contains only raw materials harvested at maximum ripeness to preserve every shade of flavour and aroma. We invest in research and development and use modern technology to pursue our mission by providing consumers and professionals with healthy and natural products.””



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